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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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philosophy. I heard Dr. Batfcie's anatomical lectures. I had learned French at Eton. I learnt Italian at Cambridge, of Signer Piazza. At home I learned to dance and fence ; and to draw of Bernard Lens, master to the Duke and Princesses.
In 1736 I wrote a copy of Latin verses, published in the Gratulatio Acad. Cantab., on the marriage of Prederic, Prince of Wales.
My mother died August 20th, 1737.
Soon after, my father gave me the place of Inspector of the Imports and Exports in the Custom House, which I resigned on his appointing me Usher of the Exchequer, in the room of Colonel William Townshend, January 29th, 1738—and as soon as I came of age, I took possession of two other little patent-places in the Exchequer, called Comptroller of the Pipe, and Clerk of the Estreats. They had been held for me by Mr. Pane.
My father's second wife, Mrs. Maria Skerret, died June, 1738.
I had continued at Cambridge, though with long intervals, till towards the end of 1738, and did not leave it in form till 1739, in which year, March 10th, I set out on my travels with my friend Mr. Thomas Gray, and went to Paris. Prom thence, after a stay of about two months, we went with my cousin Henry Con way to Eheims, in Champagne, stayed there three months; and passing by Geneva, where we left Mr. Conway, Mr. Gray and I went by Lyons to Turin, over the Alps, and from thence to Genoa, Parma, Placentia, Modena, Bologna, and Florence. There we stayed three months, chiefly for the sake of Mr. Horace Mann, the English Minister. Clement the Twelfth dying while we were in Italy, we went to Kome in the end of March, 1740, to see the election of the new Pope; but the Conclave continuing, and the heats coming on, we (after an excursion to Naples)